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The 888poker Super XL is Back and Better

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888poker is proud to announce the return of the Super XL Series, a 38-event series that will run from January 24-31. 

The series includes a slew of great tournaments – a $160 buy-in $250,000 Opening Event Multi Chance, $1,500 buy-in $300,000 High Roller Event (one of the highest buy-in events in 888poker history), and $109 buy-in $10,000 Outback Event. The series will culminate with a $1,050 buy-in, $1,000,000 guaranteed Main Event on Sunday, January 24-31

All told, the Super XL Series – which will offer a Main, Mini and Turbo version of each tournament – will see a staggering with over $2,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools up for grabs!

This marks the fourth year of the Super XL Series, and it follows last year's highly-successful series, one that saw over 60,000 satellites tournaments and over 1.5 million registrations. That led into what turned out to be a record opening event, which set the record for most players in a $100+ buy-in tournament on 888 with 1,559, nearly five-dozen players ahead of the previous record of 1,501 in the 2013 Super XL Series Opening Event.

With a little luck, that record will fall in this year's $160 buy-in $250K GTD Opening Event Multi Chance on Sunday, January 24.

This also marks the second year the Main Event has offered up a seven-figure guarantee. Last year's Main Event proved extremely successful on multiple fronts. First, it exceeded the $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool to become one of the most successful online events in the site’s history. Second, the Micro Main Event had the highest number of players in the history of 888poker with 5,196 players.

The latest incarnation could be even bigger, and there's a good chance the Main Event will produce the largest prize pool in 888poker history!

In an effort to make the $1,050 buy-in to the Main Event affordable to casual players, 888poker is currently running a series of satellites with buy-ins starting at as little as 1¢. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to win a seat in the Main Event in one of two $215 mega satellites, which will be held on the first and last days of the series.

Each day of the series, which will see all events tagged with higher-than-usual guarantees, will feature a slew of unique tournaments. Fans can expect to see all 888poker ambassadors in action. So be sure to keep a lookout for Dominik Nitsche, Jackie Glazier, Nico Villa Lobos, Bruno Politano, Bruno Kawauti, Akira Ohyama, and Sofia Lovgren.

"I'm very excited about this year's Super XL Series, which in all likelihood will set records on 888poker," says Nitsche. "Very few online events are [a] "can't-miss", but the Super XL Series is definitely one of them. I'll most likely be playing in all the big events, and I'm expecting big things in the Main Event, which is going to be one of the best tourneys ever."

This year 888poker went above and beyond in creating the Super XL Series schedule. For example, tournament hours on Thursday are designed to fit the schedule of Latin America players, while the same can be said for Australian players on Saturday.

Furthermore, 888poker sought feedback from players on TwoPlusTwo, which led to numerous alterations, such as changing the 4-max event to 8-max since lots of players were displeased with the structure. They claimed it limited them from playing many tournaments simultaneously.

Finally, each event on the schedule will qualify players for a spot on the XL Leaderboard. At the end of the series, the top 10 will win cash prizes, with the overall point leader taking home a smooth $5,000!

Here's a look at the entire Super XL Series schedule:
Date Time Event Buy-in
(Sun) 24.01 18:00 Super XL 1 - $250,000 Opening Event Multi Chance $160
18:00 Super XL 2 - $50,000 Mini Opening Event Multi Chance $12
19:00 Super XL 3 - $200,000 Whale $600
19:35 Mega satellite to Main Event - 25 seats GTD $215
21:00 Super XL 4 - $15,000 Turbo Opening Event Multi Chance $55
22:00 Super XL 5 - $5,000 Super Turbo Opening Event Multi Chance $75
(Mon) 25.01 19:00 Super XL 6 - $15,000 Omaha Event $109
19:00 Super XL 7 - $3,000 Mini Omaha Event $12
20:00 Super XL 8 - $15,000 Turbo Snap Event Multi chance $55
20:00 Super XL 9 - $5,000 Mini Turbo Snap Event Multi chance $5
21:00 Super XL 10 - $2,000 Turbo Snap Omaha $30
(Tue) 26.01 19:00 Super XL 11 - $300,000 High Roller Event $1,500
19:00 Super XL 12 - $60,000 Mini High Roller Event $215
21:00 Super XL 13 - $25,000 Turbo High Roller Event $160
(Wed) 27.01 19:00 Super XL 14 - $25,000 8-Max Event $109
19:00 Super XL 15 - $3,000 Mini 8-Max Event $12
21:00 Super XL 16 - $5,000 Turbo 8-Max Event $30
(Thu) 28.01 00:00 Super XL 17 - $10,000 Americas Event $160
00:00 Super XL 18 - $2,000 Mini Americas Event $12
02:00 Super XL 19 - $5,000 Turbo Americas Event $55
18:00 Super XL 20 - $20,000 R&A EVENT $55
18:00 Super XL 21 - $5,000 Mini R&A EVENT $5
19:00 Super XL 22 - $50,000 Quarterback Event $215
19:00 Super XL 23 - $10,000 Mini Quarterback Event $30
21:00 Super XL 24 - $15,000 Turbo Quarterback Event $109
(Fri) 29.01 19:00 Super XL 25 - $25,000 Knockout Event $150
19:00 Super XL 26 - $7,500 Mini Knockout Event $35
21:00 Super XL 27 - $10,000 Turbo Knockout Event $75
(Sat) 30.01 11:00 Super XL 28 - $10,000 Outback Event $109
11:00 Super XL 29 - $2,000 Mini Outback $12
13:00 Super XL 30 - $5,000 Turbo Outback Event $55
(Sat) 30.01 19:00 Super XL 31 - $40,000 6 Max Event $160
19:00 Super XL 32 - $10,000 Mini 6 Max Event $30
21:00 Super XL 33 - $10,000 Turbo 6 Max Event $55
(Sun) 31.01 16:05 Mega satellite to ME - 50 seats GTD $215
19:00 Super XL 34 - $1,000,000 MAIN EVENT $1,050
19:00 Super XL 35 - $150,000 Mini Main Event $160
19:30 Super XL 36 - $15,000 Micro MAIN EVENT $5
21:00 Super XL 37 - $20,000 Turbo Main Event $109
22:00 Super XL 38 - $10,000 Super Turbo Main Event $75
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